The Most Stressed Person In The World [Mommies, Relax!]






Mothers are the most stressed persons in the world. For them, “Prioritizing daily self-care and making efforts to take action. Accepting that daily self-care is hard work and challenging.” Edna M. Esnil, PsyD said. No one could deny that. Some may say, “That’s not true! I’m raising my kids alone, and I’m a dad!” Yes, technically you’re not the mom, but you are assuming the duties of a mother. The word mother or mom means the person taking care of the whole household, making sure that the kids are healthy, do their homework, brush their teeth and take a shower. This person is also responsible for organizing the whole house making sure it’s tidy: all the dishes are crystal clean; the laundry basket is empty; the fridge is full of food; all the family’s stuff for work or school is ready.


There is just so much a mother should and can do, but if you’re not a mom and you still do all these, then congratulations! You made it to motherhood! Sometimes, it’s exhausting. It makes a mom preoccupied with all her daily tasks. She dedicates her time to the welfare of her husband and children. There are times she would sacrifice her happiness and health just to make sure her family is doing great.


Moms need to pause from being the superwoman. Sometimes, she also needs to breathe and relax!




10 Simple Ways For Moms To Manage Stress And Relax:


  1. According to Melanie McNally, PsyD, LCPC Pick at least two hours a day every week to spend time with no one but yourself. It could be during the weekends, so there’s no work or school staff to prepare.


  1. Buy a new dress or clothes at least once a month if you’re tight on the budget. Looking presentable can lessen the stress because you will feel good about yourself.


  1. Buy a new pair of shoes at least every month. Oprah said, “A pair of good shoes take you to good places.” You may not want to go anywhere, but it can get you to look and feel better.


  1. Have a facial biweekly. Pamper yourself at least twice a month. Moms are too busy they can’t notice their age catching up unless the fine lines are noticeable. It can be tremendously stressful to look stressed, so take care of your skin!


  1. Have a whole-body massage Take care of yourself because you are most likely the only one who will. Soothe your skin and release the tensions from your muscles by going to the spa.


  1. Meet with close friends biweekly. It may seem unimportant to meet up with friends because of overwhelming mommy duties, but later on, you will realize that you need a good talk over a cup of tea with your favorite people.


  1. Read a good book. Relax your mind and take it somewhere else. Expand your knowledge and learn new things. Learning is limitless, and so as what you can do.


  1. Take a long bath. Buy your favorite essence and pour it into the water and indulge for an hour or two. Feel your body relax and be nourished.


  1. You can pause from your daily tasks at least once in a while to watch a feel-good movie all by yourself.


  1. Set a cheat day and eat your favorite food. It can be chocolates or ice cream, anything that would make you feel happy.

“Self-care is what we do for ourselves in order to better manage our stress and maintain a sense of balance. It is an on-going process and something we should be implementing daily rather than waiting for stress to completely overwhelm or overtake us.” –Melanie McNally, PsyD, LCPC



Ryan M. Niemiec Psy.D. reminds everyone that “Any relaxation strategy involves use of your self-regulation strength. This strength involves taking control of your breathing and creating a greater feeling of calmness in your body’s physiology.” Yes, it is the responsibility of a mother to give her 101% best in taking care of the whole family, but she also must take good care of herself because even though everybody loves her so dearly, chances are no one will. Always remember -“Happy mom, happy fam!”