Tips For Coping With Stress: 2016 Chicago Stress Management Annual Meeting


The 2016 Chicago Stress Management Annual Meeting discussed many things about the condition.

Stress is a typical reaction of people when they are faced in threatening and frightening situations. It is classified into two: positive or eustress, and negative or distress. You may experience its symptoms either physically or emotionally.

Everyone is prone to experiencing stress, whether a child, teens, adult or even elderly. It may be beneficial and help people to develop different skills needed in dealing with threatening situations. Stress may also be detrimental in a way that it prevents people from taking care of themselves or their family.


Common Reactions To A Stressful Event

Stressful events may be classified as personal or environmental disasters or experiences of assaults and threats. There are similar reactions of people who experience stressful events. It may be feelings of disbelief, shock, and numbness. The person may feel sad, frustrated and helpless. They may experience fear and anxiety about their future. They may feel guilt, anger, tension, and become irritable. They may also feel difficulty in concentrating and when making decisions. They may cry as a reaction and have a reduced interest in their usual activities. Some persons want to be alone. They lose their appetite and may sleep too much or less. Some experiences nightmares and recalls terrible memories. Their thought about of the event reoccurs, causing them to feel back pains, headaches and stomach problems. They also experience accelerated heart rate and difficulty in breathing. Some results to substance use like smoking or taking up alcohols and drugs.

Healthy Ways To Cope With Stress

Most of the stated reactions above are common and usual for those who experience stress. But this stress can be dealt with healthily, here are some ways you can use when you are stressed:

You should take care of yourself by eating healthy and well-balanced meals. You also have to do exercise regularly and make sure you have enough sleep. You can even talk to others to share your thoughts and feelings. You can also take a break once in a while and lastly avoid taking drugs and alcohol.