Therapy Dog: Which Breed Is Best For You? 


Life happens too fast and if we don’t take it easy, we’ll wake up one day and all our troubles pile up. Some people are not strong enough to face all the dramas of life. They often struggle and start cramming to look for answers. Good thing help is everywhere. Sometimes, they are in the form of our dogs. Experts say that they serve as stress relievers, promoting better health. 



If you are considering getting a dog as a companion but are not sure which breed to choose, below is a quick list of the most loved pet dogs and a short description of them. 


5 Dog Breeds That Are Excellent For Relieving Stress: 




  1. Golden Retriever 


The Golden Retriever is a beloved breed of dog that has an ideal characteristic for a pet. This dog is easy to train and learn tricks. When we speak about dogs being a man’s best friend, the Golden Retriever is among the breeds that best picture this statement. They are very affectionate and loving that they provide the feeling of belongingness, making their owners feel loved which relieves stress. Owners can look forward to an exciting day of playing and having fun retrieving. 


      2. Labrador Retriever 


The Labrador Retriever is also among the most favorite breed of dogs. They belong to the big ones. They are excellent for those who love to be outdoors as this breed is very playful. They love fetching and chewing on things that’s why their owners shouldn’t leave them with valuable stuff. The dog alleviates a healthy feeling. Melissa Burns, LCPC, LLC once said, “Animals offer support and nonjudgmental healing opportunities and can serve as a bridge for patients to bond with their healthcare providers.” And that is what this dog can do.


      3. Akita 


The Akita also belongs to the big breed of dogs. They are distinguished for their loyalty to their owners. There was even a movie based on a true story about a Japanese Akita named Hachiko who steadily waited for his owner, Ueno, to come home from work. After Ueno died, he still stayed in the train station every day for nine years waiting for his beloved master. Ueno never did come back, but they finally saw each other again after Hachiko died as well after long years of waiting. 


       4. Pug 


The Pug has a very distinct look. This breed of dog often appears sad and grumpy, but in reality, pugs are among the most positive and calm ones. They possess characteristics that are excellent for people who are having a great deal of stress or other mental health issues like depression. 


      5. Yorkshire Terrier 


The Yorkshire Terrier belongs to the small breed of dogs. Aside from its irresistible charming look, this dog also possesses intelligence. Terriers are easy to train and are very loyal to their owners. They are very showy and affectionate making them excellent to address loneliness, stress, and other undesirable feelings. As explained by Karen Thompson, LPC, “Many people benefit from the unconditional affection from a friendly animal, especially during times of transition or difficulty.”



“Some people benefit from anti-depressants for symptom relief. Pet therapy is often beneficial, whether it’s an animal at home or a therapy service dog.” Phyllis Laughlin, LCPC said. That is the reason why dogs are angels sent from heaven to add happiness to people’s lives. They provide nothing but love that’s why dogs play a vital role in addressing a lot of issues in humans. They are useful for people with medical conditions as they are proven to contribute to the healing of patients’ sufferings from a medical illness. Dogs are more than just pets. They can also be therapists and indeed a man’s best friend.