The 2016 San Antonio International Conference On Dual Diagnosis Disorders

One of the exciting events that I attended in the past was the 2016 san antonio international conference on dual diagnosis disorders. What made this conference memorable for me was the experience I encountered with its keynote speaker. She was able to explain clearly what dual diagnosis disorders mean and how one can deal with it. Take note that the said disorders refer to a case wherein one suffers from a mental health illness while also having drug dependency problems.




Before you go through the rest of this article, it is essential for you to understand the fact that no other individual is better-equipped to provide you with the diagnosis than a medical doctor or a psychiatrist. As such, it is best if you will consult with this professional first before assuming that you are mentally ill as well as a drug addict. After confirming the dual diagnosis disorders, I highly recommend that you follow the tips and tricks mentioned below:


  • Avoid making any assumptions about your current condition as it can only make you paranoid. As a result, your stress and anxiety levels may increase.
  • If you have questions, be sure to address them to your doctor. Do not ask your friends or family members who have no background in psychology.
  • Look for a therapist who can help you process your thoughts and emotions, especially those arising from your illness. The services of a mental health expert may be of great help.
  • Take the proper medications prescribed by your doctor. As much as possible, listen to his medical advice instead of trying to get information from the Internet.




Dual diagnosis disorders can be more challenging to treat or handle. However, it does not mean that it is incurable. There are still ways that you combat these disorders.