The 2015 Dallas Understanding Anxiety And Stress General Assembly

A lot of people kept on asking me about how I stay positive at all times. Most of my friends have noticed that I have a happy-go-lucky attitude, regardless of what happens in my life. My answer has always been related to the 2015 Dallas Understanding Anxiety And Stress General Assembly. I told them that the said event enabled me to see the significance of staying happy, as it can affect not only in one’s physical health but also mental condition.




In this article, allow me to share the smart ways on how you too can be happy just like me:


Know What You Want


Keep in mind that you can never find happiness in your life if you continue doing something that you do not want. Because of this, it is crucial for you to determine what makes you happy and dedicate yourself to doing it every single day.


Take It Slow


One of the major causes of depression and frustration is too much expectation for one’s sleep. Remember that each person has a different timeline from one another. Do not pressure yourself into accomplishing something just because others have already achieved it. Learn how to take things slow.


Practice Gratitude


Another valuable lesson that you must keep in mind is the significance of appreciating everything and every person in your life. Appreciate what you have right now. As long as you are grateful for every chance, opportunity, and situation, you will feel nothing but contentment and happiness in your heart.



Staying happy must be your primary consideration at all times. There will be several challenges that you have to overcome to make this happen. Do not worry because the result will truly be rewarding on your part.