Terms Of Use


Terms of Use

The terms and conditions provided in this website are between the company and the user.
Should you not wish to avail of any services or agree to the terms provided by the company,
please stop viewing this website. Also, you must be of legal age to use the services provided by
the company. The agreement serves as the guideline for the delivery of services between the
General Conditions of Use
The user must maintain appropriate conduct in the use of the website’s forum for the expression
of their opinions and thoughts. They should remain respectful of other viewers but may report
any form of misconduct directly to the company. No form of illegal activity should occur. The use
of content found this on the website should only be for personal and non-commercial use. The
company takes no responsibility for any damage, false information, and failure of transactions
between the users using the company’s services.
Transaction and Payment
The company serves to mitigate the exchange of content between its users. However, the
company is not in any means responsible for the prices set by its users. The company reserves
it’s right to alter or withdraw the prices of their offered services without notice. The financial
terms will be upon agreement by the company and the user before the posting of the item or
content on the website.
User Responsibilities
The user is responsible (a) in providing the company two (2) valid ID cards in the creation of
their account, (b) to observe intellectual property rights of items they wish to post on the
website’s forum; and (c) ensure that their content provided does not violate any existing laws.
Duration of Services
If the posted item of the user is not bought within six (6) months, the company reserves the right
to remove, delete, transfer, or edit the post. Should the user wish to sell the item again, they
may post the item once again upon the approval of the company.
Should the user violate any of the terms stated in the agreement, the company reserves the
right to delete, remove, suspend, or block the user’s account. The user reserves the right to
inform the company for any possible mistake in the suspension, removal, or blocking their
account. Any severe form of a breach within the agreement will be issued an email of notice to
the user by the company. The user must resolve the issue within twenty- four (24) hours upon
sending otherwise, termination to this agreement will take immediate effect.
The company will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, harm, and negligence suffered
by the user throughout the use of the company’s services. In the event, that a user’s content
has caused harm to other users using the company’s services, the company with remain
indemnified from any claims.