Manage Stress By Being Happy


The Stress Management Conference 2018 was the best out-of-the-office event that our company has made us attend. It was all about managing stress in the corporate world, how to cope with the stress by practicing a healthy lifestyle.

The focuses of the conference were on how to reduce stress-related issues on work and family, how to improve the social relationships between colleagues, how to manage your stress effectively by applying coping strategies, how to be much more open about stress as a mental health issue, and how to steer clear from issues like depression, anxiety, alcohol, and drug use.

It is never easy to cope with stress. Some people can take the stress and manage it in various ways. But some people cannot deal effectively on their own. They need the assistance of specialists and experts in doing so. The problem is that those who have chronic stress disorder are in denial. They will say that they do not have a mental health issue, and then they will just have a breakdown.

How can you try and cope with stress? The first way to do so is sitting upright, stand, or lie down. You can do whatever makes you comfortable. Then, take a deep breath. Inhale for three counts, through the nose, and then exhale three counts through the mouth. Repeat that cycle three times, and then, you should feel a little bit better.


Some people turn their music up to feel good. They listen to their favorite songs. Some dance to the tunes or sing videoke. It does relieve stress, especially when you become happy. Being happy takes away a person’s stress. This is the key to coping and managing stress. Be happy. Think of good things, and send out good vibes. You can do anything you please as long as it makes you feel happy. The stress will melt away.

And how about those who cannot easily cope? If that is the case, then see a stress disorder specialist.