How To Deal With A Stressful Family Member

One of the most challenging things about being in a family is learning how to deal with a stressful member.  Understandably, we all feel that it is okay, and we have to let it go because they are family. However, for the sake of our emotional and mental well-being, we need to set up appropriate limits around them. That is if these members of our families are the ones causing us to have stress, anxiety, and even depression. So how can we do that?


We Need to Understand Them Thoroughly

Toxic people are often the driving forces behind a particular conflict. Unfortunately, our families are not exempted from that. They negatively impact our emotional and mental well-being without blissfully knowing they are. The worst part of dealing with these family members is when we give in to their toxicity and allow them to take control. Unfortunately, it sometimes influences us to treat others the way our family treated us. With that, we need to understand that our family members are not perfect, and they are also not capable of self-reflection. Sometimes, though they get into our nerves, we can’t control them as they often see themselves the victim once after a confrontation.


We Need To Learn To Say No

One of the worse things that we probably complain most often is when our family members take us for granted. But didn’t it occur to ourselves that perhaps the reason why these individuals treat us like that is that we allow them? We often put the blame on our family members for stressing us out. But we never tried doing anything to stop the toxic cycle. So if we want to secure our emotional and mental health, we need to learn to say no to them. We need to say no every time they ask us a favor that will put us in a bad situation. We have to put an end in their usual ways of hurting us intentionally or unintentionally. We need to think about ourselves for once and never feel guilty about it. We need to be strong enough to stand for ourselves, no matter what.

We Need To Establish Boundaries

It is the part where we often sell our selves short. It is due to our mentality that because the toxic people are our family, there is nothing we can do. But that is far from the truth. It is important to understand that we need to rise above other people, especially when necessary. That way, we can have an edge in determining when we should stop falling for their toxic behavior. We need to be firm on our decisions and boundaries to allow us to think rationally. We need to know when and where we should put up with our family members. That way, our strong resentment will enable us to see the toxicity more predictably.


We Need To Ignore Them In Some Cases

There are situations that we can’t control our families when they are attempting to be unreasonable. Sometimes, the more we try to understand their sides, we unnoticingly become the villain. So for the most part, we need to practice the dynamics of ignoring these individuals in some cases. But it is vital to note that before we can make execution in ignoring a member of the family, we must consider a few things. First, we need to take note of their loud and interruptive behavior. We can only ignore them in public because they tend to hide aggressive retaliation when we are not paying attention. Second, we need to ignore them in a certain way. Sometimes, some family members are way too insensitive that ignoring them won’t do the trick. So we need to show them that their presence is highly not that important, especially their unwanted antics.


We Need To Be Honest With Them

Most of the time, there are family members who just love to make our lives miserable. But don’t get misunderstand this. It doesn’t mean ALL of them do not love us in some ways. There are just those individuals who satisfy themselves whenever they hurt us emotionally and physically. One way to deal with them is to be honest about what we feel. We need to let them know that their presence sometimes makes things worse for us and that their behaviors and actions are not only making us feel emotionally uncomfortable, but mentally unstable as well. These people need to know it either nicely or rudely.

There are lots of things we could complain about our families. But the reality is that, even though we experience a lot of difficulties understanding each other, we are still far more effective together. In dealing with their stressful behavior, it is vital that we think about our well-being first. You deserve to have inner peace more than anyone. If you don’t have that in your life right now, BetterHelp can assist you. Download it in Play Store now!