Here’s How Online Marriage Counseling Helps With Money Matters

While infidelity is the most prevalent cause of marriage breakdowns, many couples get eaten up by the elephant in the room, something that couples don’t always talk about but eventually consume them – money. It’s tough to find two people who quickly get along with financial matters. When couples don’t get to agree on this for a prolonged period, they drift apart.


Online marriage counseling has been found to be very helpful for couples who wish to be proactive in finding solutions to their marriage problems and money issues are not exceptions to these. “Even better, these insights and skills that you’ll gain from marriage counseling and couples therapy can have great and lasting benefits in your other relationships, including in your relationships with colleagues, children, and other family members.” Julie Williams, Psy.D. said. Financial therapy is easily gaining recall among married couples who want to deal with their economic differences. Here are ways by which online counselors could help:


They Can Give Appropriate Financial Advice

The good thing about online marriage counselors is that they provide a third person point of view regarding your financial problems. Many marriage counselors specialize in marital issues involving finances. They offer a fresh perspective which would help both of you realize what things you can improve on to solve your money problems. They could teach you financial discipline and better planning.


They Help Couples Understand Each Other’s Money Personalities

Couples have different personalities. One may be a risk-taker while the other is risk averse, one may be a “budget person” while the other may be spontaneous, or one can be lavish while the other can be very thrifty. Counselors can help you pinpoint these characteristics so that upon knowing where your partner is coming from, you are better able to discuss your spending habits. Counselors lead the way to open communication.


They Encourage Couples To Be Financially Faithful

Often taken for granted, financial infidelity is the build-up of all those little lies which you considered too petty. It includes that time you went grocery shopping but the bill went beyond budget, and you don’t tell it to your spouse, among others. Counselors can pave the way for a conversation for you to let go of the dirty little secrets and start confiding with each other about all your financial decisions.


They Get You To Work On (And Stick To) A Budget

Having a budget is the best way to keep track of your expenses. More so, it allows you to discover your real spending habits. Perhaps you will be surprised that you are spending more than what you think you do. Only then would you be able to control your spending habits better. Counselors can guide you through a comprehensive budget plan, with tips on how to stick with it depending on your lifestyle and goals.


They Guide You Towards The Same Goals

“Humans are complex and all of us experience emotions like anger and sadness, so it’s very normal that at some point in the relationship, you will disagree with your partner.” Maryann W. Mathai, LPCC, LMHC, LPC, NCC explains. Counselors can offer some workshop wherein you get to align your financial goals as a couple, and you would also be able to categorize them into what you wish to achieve in the near and distant future. Methods like this are the more flexible and exciting part of budgeting wherein you have the chance to incorporate what you want to achieve based on how you define financial stability. This kind of approach puts both of you on the same page, allowing you to work as a team.


Like any other marital issue, finances can break relationships apart, but it is not something that is impossible to overcome. Online marriage counseling is just one of the many ways by which couples could start addressing their marriage concerns. “Participating together as a couple gives the partners the opportunity to pay closer attention to one another and listen more intimately to their needs, wants, and dissatisfactions, thus establishing a closer bond and a more intimate connection.” says Dana Baduna, PhD, LMFT. To know more about how online marriage counseling can help, you can also learn about it here:


If it’s already your marriage life at stake, remember never to hesitate to take all the help you can get as it can aid in improving your relationship.