Handling Stress And Anxiety During The COVID-19 Outbreak

With all the things happening in the world right now, it can take a toll on your emotional health. You’re not alone. Sudden changes in a person’s life and daily routine can result in mood swings, withdrawal, and overall impact on physical health. It’s essential to keep your state of mind in check while you’re in quarantine and isolation from the people you used to see regularly.

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As the world continues to manage the cases of COVID-19, you have to remain calm and healthy for yourself and other people. Here are some ways on how to manage stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 Outbreak:

Accept Your Emotions

You have to understand that feeling scared, sad, confused, or angry at the time of a crisis is normal. Don’t think that you have to keep your emotions on lock. Once you accept your feelings, you can express them with ease. Do remember that feeling emotions mean you care.

Contact The People You Trust

Even when everyone is in isolation, you can talk with your loved ones easily through the use of technology. Confer with them when you’re feeling overwhelmed. It can help to soothe your mind and release your worries. Knowing the safety of the people you care about can also help you to remain relaxed. You don’t have to hold your emotions all by yourself.

Don’t solely talk about the COVID-19 Outbreak. Although it’s important to stay alert with your loved ones, it will be helpful to take a break for a while. You can talk about funny life stories and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Even when you’re at home, staying healthy should still be a priority. Exercising, maintaining a proper diet, and getting a good night’s sleep help to relieve stress, release anxiety, and manage moods. Even without gym equipment, you can break a sweat in your home. You can search for free online classes or exercise videos on Youtube.

Since we’re currently facing a pandemic, remaining healthy can shield you from the risks as well. And with how the virus is spreading, staying healthy also means protecting other people who might be at risk.

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Avoid Drinking Or Smoking

It will be harder for you to cope with your emotions if you don’t practice healthy habits. Alcohol can make you feel worse than before, as it is a depressant. If you’re feeling extreme stress and anxiety, you can contact a health worker or a counselor.

Only Read News From Credible Sources

As much as staying updated on recent developments is essential, seeing news that only promotes hate and inaccuracy can hurt your mental health. Knowing credible sources means you will only get the correct information. It can avoid panic and allows you to carefully manage your risk so that you can take sensible precautions.

Remember to only share articles from credible sources to avoid causing the panic of others as well. If it’s getting overwhelming, limit the time you’re watching the news. You can tell your friends or family to share the news with you instead.

Limit Your Usage Of Social Media 

If anxiety is an ongoing issue, you can log off when things are getting a little too much because social media can be toxic. Stay mindful of how social media is making you feel. You can mute people or keywords that are worsening your anxiety.

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Focus On The Things You Have Control Of

There are so many uncertainties surrounding our lives today. We don’t know how long this may extend, the condition of other people, or what’s going to happen in our communities. But if we focus on the things we don’t have the answer yet, we will only feel more drained and anxious over time.

Instead, direct your attention to the things that you can have control over. You can make sure to restrict the risks of the COVID-19 cases in your community through your actions. Remain at home as much as you can, secure social distancing, maintain proper hygiene, and follow health authorities.

Practice Self-Care Even When In Isolation

Remain kind to yourself and make choices beneficial for your state of mind. Maintain a routine as firmly as you can, stick to your regular sleep, read a good book, watch movies, play games (https://www.familyhype.com/children/childrens-products/games/xbox/what-are-the-best-xbox-360-games-for-10-year-old-boy.html), cook, or make art. You can also try meditating and yoga to maintain a sense of normalcy in your life. Try to get sunshine as much as you can if possible.

Always remember that we’re all in this together. You can recover a sense of purpose and relief by caring for yourself, helping others, and supporting communities. Follow guidelines and look after yourself so you can continue to be a calming influence in devastating times like this.