Dealing With Your Dog’s Stressful Fleas And Ticks


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Some people find love in their dogs. They prefer them than human companions because according to these people, dogs are more capable of true love and loyalty than most humans are. Some couple who don’t have kids or even those who do have kids choose to have a canine in the house. One of the primary problems of having a pet dog though is having to deal with ticks.


Ticks are stressful because they don’t give up easily. They have the will and capability to stay especially when left untreated. It requires time and attention from owners to get rid of their dog’s parasites to save them from having to lose the life of their precious dog.


Yes! Tick infestation can kill dogs, so no matter how stressful, you, your spouse, or any in the family should bring an end to this nightmare before it’s too late. It is unknown how dogs can be infested with ticks even though they are inside the house all day. Of course, hygiene plays a vital role in it, but ticks find a way to stress you out and keep you up and thinking at night.


If You Are Unsure What Or Where To Get To Finally Get Rid Or Prevent Ticks From Infesting Your Dog, You Can Try The Following Natural Or Home Remedies:




Baking Soda

 Baking soda does the trick by not only getting rid of the fleas and ticks but the eggs as well. It has the active ingredient which when combined with the cleaning ability of salt can kill and put an end to the eggs. Make sure that your baking soda is active though because you may not get the expected results when it is already expired.


Apple Cider Vinegar

 Apple cider vinegar is a useful substance in keeping dog fleas away. It can be added to your dog’s water to take internally or make a mixture of it and water to make a spray and serve as fleas and ticks repellent.



 Mouthwash can help get rid of the annoying parasites on our dogs. It can be diluted in warm water. The mixture can then be sprayed onto your dog and areas in the house where you think fleas and ticks might be present such as his bed, the carpet, sofa, or corners of the house. You can also pour a little of the mouthwash into your dog’s bath. Let it sit for at least five minutes to let it work properly and then rinse.


These are all-natural home remedies which could help you with your dog’s fleas and ticks because it is undoubtedly stressful when you are dealing with this kind of problem with your beloved dogs. You can talk to your partner or other family members to be keen on taking care of your pets. Allot a time where each of you can take turns in doing or applying what’s necessary to end the stressful occurrence of fleas and ticks on your dogs.




If you and your partner decide on owning a dog, make sure that you both know the responsibility that comes with it. Having a dog is like having a child, and the stress and hurt when something harms them is just about the same. It is better to be ready and knowledgeable about everything that’s necessary for keeping them well.