De-Stress Your Marriage – Here’s How In 10 Ways


Being stressed all the time may lead to many issues. It can compromise your health, your behavior, your perception, can lead to mental health problems and it can even strain your relationships. And one relationship that can be bombarded with this is your marriage. Stress is unavoidable especially with the lifestyle people are into these days. Everyone is prone to stress, depression, or anxiety. However, just because it is part of the millennial lifestyle, people will just embrace it and allow it to conquer the overall well-being of a person.

“Couples’ expectations about what marriage should be like are completely off from the reality of what marriage is actually like,” Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC said. For married people, you should learn how to make things brighter in your marriage, making it less stressful as it is. It may take some effort, but it would be worth it knowing that there is one aspect in your life that is less stressful. Below are some tips n how to make your marriage brighter.

Prioritize Your Spouse

Make each other a priority. Serve each other, cook for each other, do errands for each other and checking on with each other are the ways in showing your significant other that he or she is your priority. Knowing that you are the first thing is your spouse’s list can always make you smile. This is a vice versa thing.

Have Fun

Do fun things together. This will not only take your mind off the things that can bring in stress in you, but this will also allow you to enjoy each other’s company. This will lighten the mood and lessen the strain on what things in life could bring in.

Make Time For Your Spouse

You two should spend more time together. Not just with the extra time but it should be a priority thing on that certain day. This will help the couple build their bond deeper which leads to a more meaningful relationship.


Don’t Make Small Issues Big

“We can’t change the toxic people into non-toxic people, but we can work on being less reactive.”  Marie Manly, PhD explains. Big things started with small things. If it is not that important or if it is that petty, let it go. Instead of dwelling on it, redirect your attention to a more positive side. Dwelling on small and insignificant things will do nothing but trouble in your relationship. It will cause strain and even stress. Thus, get rid of it and make sure that everything is well and smooth between you two.

Give Back Without Expecting A Return

Giving back may not be an obligation, but it is the right thing to do. Count all the blessings you both receive and be thankful. Now that you are overflowing give to others especially those who are in need. Do this thing together. Together you will get to experience the good feeling in reaching out to the community.

Communicate With Each Other

Communication is a two-way process. Make sure that you have both aspects – speaking and hearing. However, men and women have different ways of making this work. Thus, for you and your spouse to get into common ground and reach an understanding, simple things. Learn how your spouse understands things, learn and adjust. Listening is not just receiving the message in text format, but you should also know how to read between the lines. This way you will get to communicate with each other effectively.

Always Tell The Truth

Telling the truth will not only free you from the bondage of lies, but it will also help in developing the trust between the couple. Tell the truth, no secrets and always make sure that your spouse is always informed with the things about you and your family.


Physical Contact

Physical contact like making out, holding hands and hugging is very important. Be reminded that men are very physical when it comes to expressing their emotions; thus wives should learn too much it so that you could fulfill their needs. These simple gestures will make the other party feel loved and would help the relationship grew more profound.

Play With Each Other’s Strengths

Know each other strengths and stick with it. Don’ expect things that are not within your partner’s alley. Go for the things she or he is capable or good at. Encourage each other with it and build each other’s confidence. Expecting for more attributes may lead to frustration thus play by your strengths only.

Live Within Your Means

Be realistic. Know your worth and what you are capable of having. It is okay to dream big but always have a rain check with what you are capable of. Living with what you only have will allow you to get away from frustrations, and be happy with what you have. It will make your life less complicated and very much enjoyable. “You definitely can hang on to your unique self, trusting you do know yourself enough, while still leaving space for another person to be their own true selves.” psychotherapist Sona DeLurgio, PsyD, LMFT said.

There are just some of the things that would brush stress off your marriage doors. Doing these tips will help make things light and smooth as ever in your marriage.