De-Stress: A Better You



Have you felt your whole body is malfunctioning because of undergoing a specific circumstance? Stress is a mental tension that is a result of overthinking, extreme feeling of anxiety, or maybe from severe pressure due to one’s unfortunate event.


According to Gretchen Flores, MA LPC LCPC, “A limit is an invisible line that exists between emotional, physical, and psychological well being and becoming anxious, irritable and stressed.” Stress somehow acts as a traitor because it can affect your health even without your knowledge. You might be thinking that a simple but a frequent headache is because of an illness, or your mood swings might be because of menstrual periods. Well, ladies and gents– it may be simply due to stress.


Effects To Our Body


Stress has two sides; it may be positive or negative stress. If you have positive stress, then there could be no problem. However, if it is a negative stress? How does it affect you?


From rattling your mood to chronic body fatigue, stress can attack you mentally, physically or even in both ways. Worse, if left untreated, stress can lead to various health problems and diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and the likes.


Oops! You do not like that, do you? What is the most efficient way to treat and prevent stress? Once in a while, you are to de-stress.






De-stress is a way where you leave all your troubles and take a good rest. It can be in the form of taking a vacation, yoga or meditation, relaxing, exercising or you can simply start by thinking positively.


Here are some ways in which you can de-stress to relieve that day-to-day tension:


  • Vacation

After a series of works or maybe tons of school projects, it will not hurt to reward yourself a little. Book a flight, pack your suitcase, bid your worries goodbye and feel free to take some days off. “Taking time away from the stresses of work and daily life can improve our health, motivation, relationships, job performance, and perspective and give us the break we need to return to our lives and jobs refreshed and better equipped to handle whatever comes.” Shannon Torberg, PsyD, LP said.


Vacation helps you unwind and helps your body restart. Moreover, vacation will refresh your mind and help you to find more beauty in life. Having a vacation once in a while will help your heart. It would help you have a break from the busy world and let you put yourself first.


  • Yoga Or Meditation

If you are not a fan of traveling, you can try doing yoga or other types of meditation. Deep-breath exercises are known to help moderate our working heart. With the correct thoughts in attaining your inner peace, meditation would likely help you recover from a series of misfortunes. According Andrea F. Polard, PsyD, “Meditation is not just relaxing, but to be keenly aware of the present moment while not interfering with mental activities that revolve around our little self.”


  • Relaxing

To go out or to have yoga? There are other plenty of ways in which you can defeat stress. Try watching a comedy movie or maybe you can eat some chocolate. How about dipping yourself in a nice warm bath? Relax and feel alive again. Reward yourself with little things that make you happy.




In this world full of technological advances, one form of relaxing maybe by letting yourself unplugging with the social networks. It would give you space from the crazy world of social media and prevent you from reading too much fake news. Disconnecting oneself from the web can lead you from having time to yourself and appreciate your life more.


  • Exercise


Working out is one way to eliminate stress. Why? When we work out, our body emits hormones called “endorphins” which is basically what makes us happy. They are hormones which are considered to be mood-boosting chemicals that light up our life and somewhat takes away our anxiety.


Exercise is more than just being physically fit, it is one way of protecting ourselves from possible stress-related disorders and helps strengthen our hearts as well as our bodies.


  • Think Positively


One common root of stress is overthinking. Positive thinking does not mean to neglect life issues or avoid one’s problem. It means looking at the good side of everything. Remember that all the things that happen around you happen for a reason.


Think about why it happened? Do not let yourself overthink the smallest problems in life. Thinking positively and gain the confidence to uplift yourself. Remember that you are as strong as anything you want to be. Positive thinking is free, but the positive effects you would get from it would last a lifetime.



Think about it. Life is more than what you think it is. De-stress to find yourself. De-stress, and you will be better.


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