Tips For Coping With Stress: 2016 Chicago Stress Management Annual Meeting

The 2016 Chicago Stress Management Annual Meeting discussed many things about the condition. Stress is a typical reaction of people when they are faced in threatening and frightening situations. It is classified into two: positive or eustress, and negative or distress. You may experience its symptoms either physically or emotionally. Everyone is prone to experiencing … [Read more…]

Stress Troubleshooting 101: Decision-Making Made Easy

The moment your eyes sprung, your brain immediately activates itself into awareness and sensibility that it starts to analyze multitudes of things – starting from yourself and expanding its horizons to the outside world. Your brain has reboots for the night, and as you wake up, it functions for continuity, to let you pick up … [Read more…]

Get Away From Stress: Find Your Safe Haven

  When we hear the word stress, it is unavoidable to think of exhaustion and burden. But did you know that stress is our body’s way of handling life’s challenging situations? It is our body’s mechanism to deal with distressful and life-threatening circumstances. This was also mentioned in