Frequently Asked Questions About OCD

Before I got diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, I thought that one of my personalities involves a thing people called “perfectionist.” At times, I really like the idea that I focus solely on things that are near to perfection and that I value myself with high standards. I get to do things based on what people see as a ritual. Despite my routines being repetitive, I find them amusing. Usually, even if others are getting annoyed by my habits, I feel a little less concerned about their opinions as I perceive myself highly in control of things. And the more I want people to see me as a likable and almost-flawless individual, the more I engage in manipulating others.


The compulsive behavior tends to grow stronger over time. I thought that was just normal since I don’t consider seeing something wrong with myself. But when it affected my relationships with other people, including my colleagues, friends, and family, that is where I decided to get help and asked a therapist about my so-called ‘perfectionist” behavior. From there, my doctor told me that I have OCD.

Honestly, I don’t understand the diagnosis. I am convinced that there is nothing with me and that I only do things based on urges, regardless if those are irrational. However, with my therapist’s support and answers to these frequently asked questions, I learned a lot.

Is OCD classified as an anxiety disorder? 

OCD is not anymore classified as an anxiety disorder according to the DSM. But still, it is a mental health condition that can go along with the latter. It involves disturbing images, thoughts, or urges that somehow bring a great deal of overall discomfort. It contributes to repetitive behaviors or inappropriate mental acts.

That explains why I often do things over and over again. That even if my actions tend to hurt others, I feel a little less concerned. Perhaps that is why even the closest persons in my life do not want me near them anymore.

 What are the four types of OCD? 

The four types of OCD are cleaning and contamination, doubt or harm, perfection, impulses, and prohibited thoughts.

 Is OCD a mental illness? 

Yes. OCD or Obsessive-compulsive disorder is indeed a mental illness made up of two parts. One is obsessions unwanted and repetitive images, thoughts, or sensations that pretty much don’t go away. And compulsions where people feel driven to do something repetitively with or without a trigger. Regardless of the condition, there are chances that people might experience both.

In my case, I am not pretty sure if I get to include myself in the first option since I am more engaged with repetitively doing something that I thought I want.

 Can OCD go away? 

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a chronic condition that can negatively affect an individual’s life. It does not fix itself and is commonly not cured completely. OCD doesn’t vanish or go away on its own, and it requires treatment and sometimes medication to be addressed.

Right now, I am seeing my therapist for quite a few hours every session, and I take medication to get rid of the symptoms slightly.


 What is the root cause of OCD? 

There are core issues that lead to OCD symptoms. Usually, these factors can get associated with anxiety, such as trauma, abusive parents, bullying, relationship matters, etc. But OCD is not limited to that since genetic can also become a factor when chemical and structural abnormalities in the brain are the cause.

As for me, I think my OCD started when I thought about controlling things around me. Since a large portion of my life is uncontrollable, I began to shift my thoughts into working, taking things according to my desire. I don’t experience abuse, but I often get emotionally tortured by judgment and rejection from the people I love.

 Does OCD get worse with age? 

OCD, when left untreated, can get worse. The symptoms can lead to physical side effects and serious mental health issues due to compulsions. OCD relies more on unwanted or upsetting doubts, which disrupts important life factors such as problem-solving and decision-making. But fortunately, OCD responds well to a variety of different treatment methods even though it is a serious disorder.

 How do I stop my OCD thoughts? 

Managing several obsessive thoughts from OCD can be addressed through psychotherapy. The most common method is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. Besides that, people with OCD can also get treated with an exposure and response prevention therapy approach or ERP. But if you can handle the condition even for a while, remember not to waste time trying to prevent or not think through your thoughts. When you have OCD, never question, analyze, or argue with obsessive thoughts.

 Are you born with OCD? 

Usually, OCD or compulsions are considered learned behaviors. It becomes repetitive and chronic over time, especially when it gets associated with relief from anxiety. Though common OCD causes are genetic and hereditary factors, environmental risk factors are also likely to be involved. Also, the functional, chemical, and structural abnormalities in the brain can reinforce the damage.

 What are the common warning signs of OCD? 

Common warning signs of OCD include fear of not having the things you like, fear of losing control over small things, fear of harming yourself or others, fear of being contaminated or getting ill, and fear of engaging in violent thoughts and images. OCD is all about an intense fear that changes the way you respond and behaves towards your surroundings.

I admit, there is nothing more painful for me than knowing that I cannot sometimes control things around me. But with the help of my medication and therapy treatment, I think I will be fine.

 What triggers OCD in a child? 

Things that can trigger OCD in a child are fear of dirt or germs, contamination, illness, lucky and unlucky numbers, etc. Usually, in most common scenarios, people can easily identify OCD when there is a need for order, symmetry, and precision. Sometimes, in worst cases, there is a sexual or aggressive thought lingering and religious obsession.


 Are people with OCD smart? 

Though OCD can be a negative thing for some individuals, others consider it a gift. That is because sufferers of OCD often exhibit high imagination, creativity, and above-average intelligence. But it is vital to note that there is difficulty dismissing random and weird thoughts for those experiencing primarily mental obsessions.

 What is having OCD like? 

Though some people may experience different symptoms and suffer from OCD at a different level, they somehow experience the same thing. That is having a broken signal in the head that only an individual can hear. It endlessly points out the danger and emergencies that others don’t seem to see.

 What is wrong with an OCD brain? 

Experts define OCD as an issue of incorrect information processing. It is where people with OCD often find themselves stuck on a certain urge or thought. But in clinical explanation, these changes usually involve the imbalance in serotonin, which controls feelings and moods.

 What famous person has OCD?

Celebrities known to have OCD are Howie Mandel, Cameron Diaz, Howard Stern, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron, Daniel Radcliffe, and Frank Sinatra.


Why Do You Have To Take Care Of Your Mental Health?


Your mental health is one of the vital aspects of your life. It impacts your feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Over the course of your existence, your mental health needs tend to change and demand more attention. That is because of the stress you experience in life, which is inevitable. As you grow older, you get more exposed to all the hardships, disappointments, sadness, and uncertainties of the world. That is the reason you need to try and indulge in habits and activities that supports better emotional and mental development. These include eating healthy food, exercising, hanging out with good people, doing things you like, etc. But taking care of the mental state is not limited to the idea of avoiding self-sabotage. There is so much to it that provides you a lot of life benefits. So why do you need to take care of your mental health?

To Make Better Decisions In Life

Having a healthy mental state means also having a well-functioning emotional state. Both of those aspects work hand in hand in providing you with enough strength and intellect to face life’s challenges. That way, you get to be resilient on your every setback and stay positive to whatever drawbacks you may experience. A healthy emotional and mental state allows you to focus on creating better decisions in life. These include how you handle your mind and body, embrace your imperfections, understand your emotions, and foster a good relationship with other people.


To Be Happy

When you are mentally stable, you understand that life is entirely unfair. You know that there are so many things around you that you cannot control, no matter how hard you try. That even if you already sacrificed a lot, life would still throw rocks at you. But that is the point. With life’s imperfections, the only thing that can make you appreciate it is when you are mentally capable of using the situation to your advantage. Mental stability can pull you back to reality. That reality will show you that even if you are experiencing a lot of failure, heartaches, and problems in life, better things are just right around the corner. Mental stability can show you that grasses are always greener on the other side.

To Understand Your Purpose

Your mental state is so powerful that it can make you understand your purpose. Believe it or not, mental stability is the key to your ability to learn. It helps you to cope with life’s damages and uncertainties. It is your asset to express yourself through a different range of negative and positive emotions. When you are mentally stable, you are motivated to reframing stressful situations. It makes you deal with things productively so that you can achieve more incredible things in life. As you use your mental strength more often, you attract positivity. That positivity leads you to an enhanced ability to recover from traumatic and stressful events.


To Give Love And Care For Others

There’s a saying that goes, “you will never be able to provide love and care when you don’t provide those to yourself first” That is entirely true. Providing others the attention and support they need requires a lot from you. The reason why you have to be mentally capable is for you to ensure that the other person’s well-being connects to you. Aside from that, when you are mentally capable of caring, you avoid constant worry. You never feel tired but rather happy with what you do that benefits others. You become interested not only in your self-growth but in other people’s overall wellness as well.

To Accept Life As It Is

Mental stability is something that gives you peace and serenity. That despite the many challenges you have to face in your life, there is an assurance of acceptance. It has a significant function in your emotional response to trauma, stress, anxiety, and relationship issues. When you are mentally strong, you understand the significance of life-stages. With that, you complain less about the environment and people’s imperfections. You have the will to accept the bad and the ugly side of everything without blaming or hurting yourself. You become more open to reality and are more than willing to embrace change. You create a positive sense of the things around you regardless of their purpose.



Mental health care means a lot for improvement, positivity, and awareness. It allows you to engage in the realization of emotional response despite limited understanding. When you practice taking care of it, all the things around you benefit from it. You gain the ability to learn, feel, express, and manage a different range of emotions. You also benefit from the enhanced ability to understand other people’s feelings and maintain better relationships. So again, why do you need to take care of your mental health? Because, why not?

How To Deal With A Stressful Family Member

One of the most challenging things about being in a family is learning how to deal with a stressful member.  Understandably, we all feel that it is okay, and we have to let it go because they are family. However, for the sake of our emotional and mental well-being, we need to set up appropriate limits around them. That is if these members of our families are the ones causing us to have stress, anxiety, and even depression. So how can we do that?


We Need to Understand Them Thoroughly

Toxic people are often the driving forces behind a particular conflict. Unfortunately, our families are not exempted from that. They negatively impact our emotional and mental well-being without blissfully knowing they are. The worst part of dealing with these family members is when we give in to their toxicity and allow them to take control. Unfortunately, it sometimes influences us to treat others the way our family treated us. With that, we need to understand that our family members are not perfect, and they are also not capable of self-reflection. Sometimes, though they get into our nerves, we can’t control them as they often see themselves the victim once after a confrontation.


We Need To Learn To Say No

One of the worse things that we probably complain most often is when our family members take us for granted. But didn’t it occur to ourselves that perhaps the reason why these individuals treat us like that is that we allow them? We often put the blame on our family members for stressing us out. But we never tried doing anything to stop the toxic cycle. So if we want to secure our emotional and mental health, we need to learn to say no to them. We need to say no every time they ask us a favor that will put us in a bad situation. We have to put an end in their usual ways of hurting us intentionally or unintentionally. We need to think about ourselves for once and never feel guilty about it. We need to be strong enough to stand for ourselves, no matter what.

We Need To Establish Boundaries

It is the part where we often sell our selves short. It is due to our mentality that because the toxic people are our family, there is nothing we can do. But that is far from the truth. It is important to understand that we need to rise above other people, especially when necessary. That way, we can have an edge in determining when we should stop falling for their toxic behavior. We need to be firm on our decisions and boundaries to allow us to think rationally. We need to know when and where we should put up with our family members. That way, our strong resentment will enable us to see the toxicity more predictably.


We Need To Ignore Them In Some Cases

There are situations that we can’t control our families when they are attempting to be unreasonable. Sometimes, the more we try to understand their sides, we unnoticingly become the villain. So for the most part, we need to practice the dynamics of ignoring these individuals in some cases. But it is vital to note that before we can make execution in ignoring a member of the family, we must consider a few things. First, we need to take note of their loud and interruptive behavior. We can only ignore them in public because they tend to hide aggressive retaliation when we are not paying attention. Second, we need to ignore them in a certain way. Sometimes, some family members are way too insensitive that ignoring them won’t do the trick. So we need to show them that their presence is highly not that important, especially their unwanted antics.


We Need To Be Honest With Them

Most of the time, there are family members who just love to make our lives miserable. But don’t get misunderstand this. It doesn’t mean ALL of them do not love us in some ways. There are just those individuals who satisfy themselves whenever they hurt us emotionally and physically. One way to deal with them is to be honest about what we feel. We need to let them know that their presence sometimes makes things worse for us and that their behaviors and actions are not only making us feel emotionally uncomfortable, but mentally unstable as well. These people need to know it either nicely or rudely.

There are lots of things we could complain about our families. But the reality is that, even though we experience a lot of difficulties understanding each other, we are still far more effective together. In dealing with their stressful behavior, it is vital that we think about our well-being first. You deserve to have inner peace more than anyone. If you don’t have that in your life right now, BetterHelp can assist you. Download it in Play Store now!


Holding A Grudge Is Bad For Your Health


One of the most tormenting feelings in this world is keeping an untold story or grudge inside you. Some people may have hurt you a thousand times, and for a thousand times, you chose to forgive and forget – or not. If you have truly forgiven someone, you wouldn’t be haunted by the pain at night causing you to be sleepless and all distressed. Forgiving is starting all over with a clean slate.

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Managing Your Stress At Work

Unfortunately, stress that you can get from work will not just disappear after a day’s work to counteract the effects. You need to develop a good set of habits to keep you on track while you are at it. This is important because as soon as the stress takes a toll on your body, it will affect not only your physical condition but also other dimensions such as emotional, psychological, cognitive, spiritual, and even the financial aspects. In fact, this can even take a toll on the people you care about the most. Read on to know how to better manage your stress without giving up your work altogether. 




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Dealing With Your Dog’s Stressful Fleas And Ticks


[Find The Best Home Remedies And Break Free From It]




Some people find love in their dogs. They prefer them than human companions because according to these people, dogs are more capable of true love and loyalty than most humans are. Some couple who don’t have kids or even those who do have kids choose to have a canine in the house. One of the primary problems of having a pet dog though is having to deal with ticks.


Ticks are stressful because they don’t give up easily. They have the will and capability to stay especially when left untreated. It requires time and attention from owners to get rid of their dog’s parasites to save them from having to lose the life of their precious dog.


Yes! Tick infestation can kill dogs, so no matter how stressful, you, your spouse, or any in the family should bring an end to this nightmare before it’s too late. It is unknown how dogs can be infested with ticks even though they are inside the house all day. Of course, hygiene plays a vital role in it, but ticks find a way to stress you out and keep you up and thinking at night.


If You Are Unsure What Or Where To Get To Finally Get Rid Or Prevent Ticks From Infesting Your Dog, You Can Try The Following Natural Or Home Remedies:




Baking Soda

 Baking soda does the trick by not only getting rid of the fleas and ticks but the eggs as well. It has the active ingredient which when combined with the cleaning ability of salt can kill and put an end to the eggs. Make sure that your baking soda is active though because you may not get the expected results when it is already expired.


Apple Cider Vinegar

 Apple cider vinegar is a useful substance in keeping dog fleas away. It can be added to your dog’s water to take internally or make a mixture of it and water to make a spray and serve as fleas and ticks repellent.



 Mouthwash can help get rid of the annoying parasites on our dogs. It can be diluted in warm water. The mixture can then be sprayed onto your dog and areas in the house where you think fleas and ticks might be present such as his bed, the carpet, sofa, or corners of the house. You can also pour a little of the mouthwash into your dog’s bath. Let it sit for at least five minutes to let it work properly and then rinse.


These are all-natural home remedies which could help you with your dog’s fleas and ticks because it is undoubtedly stressful when you are dealing with this kind of problem with your beloved dogs. You can talk to your partner or other family members to be keen on taking care of your pets. Allot a time where each of you can take turns in doing or applying what’s necessary to end the stressful occurrence of fleas and ticks on your dogs.




If you and your partner decide on owning a dog, make sure that you both know the responsibility that comes with it. Having a dog is like having a child, and the stress and hurt when something harms them is just about the same. It is better to be ready and knowledgeable about everything that’s necessary for keeping them well.




Watching Movies Can Relieve Stress [Sci-Fi Movies To Watch]

Watching movies can give us a great deal of relaxation and happiness, especially for people who have creative and imaginative minds. There are various movie genres to choose from depending on your preference, but sci-fi movies or movies based on science fiction can add more color to our imagination. They can help diffuse stress and make us forget our troubles for a while.


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Therapy Dog: Which Breed Is Best For You? 


Life happens too fast and if we don’t take it easy, we’ll wake up one day and all our troubles pile up. Some people are not strong enough to face all the dramas of life. They often struggle and start cramming to look for answers. Good thing help is everywhere. Sometimes, they are in the form of our dogs. Experts say that they serve as stress relievers, promoting better health. 



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Your Psychiatrist Feels Stress Too



Psychiatrists are first of all humans too. They may have mastered dealing with stress because they had formal education on it, but it doesn’t shield them from its effect! It only gives them the advantage of knowing how to deal with it. They are knowledgeable about what it does to our health, and therefore, more cautious when it comes to handling the pressure. 


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The Health Of Single Parents Is At Risk: Online Therapy Can Help!

Stress can significantly affect a person’s health by attacking the immune system. It is difficult to tell the capacity of a person to handle stress until the body reacts. Life is supposed to be hard, and it is a matter of changing how we view things and how we treat difficulties.



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