Dealing With Your Dog’s Stressful Fleas And Ticks


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Some people find love in their dogs. They prefer them than human companions because according to these people, dogs are more capable of true love and loyalty than most humans are. Some couple who don’t have kids or even those who do have kids choose to have a canine in the house. One of the primary problems of having a pet dog though is having to deal with ticks.


Ticks are stressful because they don’t give up easily. They have the will and capability to stay especially when left untreated. It requires time and attention from owners to get rid of their dog’s parasites to save them from having to lose the life of their precious dog.


Yes! Tick infestation can kill dogs, so no matter how stressful, you, your spouse, or any in the family should bring an end to this nightmare before it’s too late. It is unknown how dogs can be infested with ticks even though they are inside the house all day. Of course, hygiene plays a vital role in it, but ticks find a way to stress you out and keep you up and thinking at night.


If You Are Unsure What Or Where To Get To Finally Get Rid Or Prevent Ticks From Infesting Your Dog, You Can Try The Following Natural Or Home Remedies:




Baking Soda

 Baking soda does the trick by not only getting rid of the fleas and ticks but the eggs as well. It has the active ingredient which when combined with the cleaning ability of salt can kill and put an end to the eggs. Make sure that your baking soda is active though because you may not get the expected results when it is already expired.


Apple Cider Vinegar

 Apple cider vinegar is a useful substance in keeping dog fleas away. It can be added to your dog’s water to take internally or make a mixture of it and water to make a spray and serve as fleas and ticks repellent.



 Mouthwash can help get rid of the annoying parasites on our dogs. It can be diluted in warm water. The mixture can then be sprayed onto your dog and areas in the house where you think fleas and ticks might be present such as his bed, the carpet, sofa, or corners of the house. You can also pour a little of the mouthwash into your dog’s bath. Let it sit for at least five minutes to let it work properly and then rinse.


These are all-natural home remedies which could help you with your dog’s fleas and ticks because it is undoubtedly stressful when you are dealing with this kind of problem with your beloved dogs. You can talk to your partner or other family members to be keen on taking care of your pets. Allot a time where each of you can take turns in doing or applying what’s necessary to end the stressful occurrence of fleas and ticks on your dogs.




If you and your partner decide on owning a dog, make sure that you both know the responsibility that comes with it. Having a dog is like having a child, and the stress and hurt when something harms them is just about the same. It is better to be ready and knowledgeable about everything that’s necessary for keeping them well.




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Therapy Dog: Which Breed Is Best For You? 


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Your Psychiatrist Feels Stress Too



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The Most Stressed Person In The World [Mommies, Relax!]






Mothers are the most stressed persons in the world. For them, “Prioritizing daily self-care and making efforts to take action. Accepting that daily self-care is hard work and challenging.” Edna M. Esnil, PsyD said. No one could deny that. Some may say, “That’s not true! I’m raising my kids alone, and I’m a dad!” Yes, technically you’re not the mom, but you are assuming the duties of a mother. The word mother or mom means the person taking care of the whole household, making sure that the kids are healthy, do their homework, brush their teeth and take a shower. This person is also responsible for organizing the whole house making sure it’s tidy: all the dishes are crystal clean; the laundry basket is empty; the fridge is full of food; all the family’s stuff for work or school is ready.


There is just so much a mother should and can do, but if you’re not a mom and you still do all these, then congratulations! You made it to motherhood! Sometimes, it’s exhausting. It makes a mom preoccupied with all her daily tasks. She dedicates her time to the welfare of her husband and children. There are times she would sacrifice her happiness and health just to make sure her family is doing great.


Moms need to pause from being the superwoman. Sometimes, she also needs to breathe and relax!




10 Simple Ways For Moms To Manage Stress And Relax:


  1. According to Melanie McNally, PsyD, LCPC Pick at least two hours a day every week to spend time with no one but yourself. It could be during the weekends, so there’s no work or school staff to prepare.


  1. Buy a new dress or clothes at least once a month if you’re tight on the budget. Looking presentable can lessen the stress because you will feel good about yourself.


  1. Buy a new pair of shoes at least every month. Oprah said, “A pair of good shoes take you to good places.” You may not want to go anywhere, but it can get you to look and feel better.


  1. Have a facial biweekly. Pamper yourself at least twice a month. Moms are too busy they can’t notice their age catching up unless the fine lines are noticeable. It can be tremendously stressful to look stressed, so take care of your skin!


  1. Have a whole-body massage Take care of yourself because you are most likely the only one who will. Soothe your skin and release the tensions from your muscles by going to the spa.


  1. Meet with close friends biweekly. It may seem unimportant to meet up with friends because of overwhelming mommy duties, but later on, you will realize that you need a good talk over a cup of tea with your favorite people.


  1. Read a good book. Relax your mind and take it somewhere else. Expand your knowledge and learn new things. Learning is limitless, and so as what you can do.


  1. Take a long bath. Buy your favorite essence and pour it into the water and indulge for an hour or two. Feel your body relax and be nourished.


  1. You can pause from your daily tasks at least once in a while to watch a feel-good movie all by yourself.


  1. Set a cheat day and eat your favorite food. It can be chocolates or ice cream, anything that would make you feel happy.

“Self-care is what we do for ourselves in order to better manage our stress and maintain a sense of balance. It is an on-going process and something we should be implementing daily rather than waiting for stress to completely overwhelm or overtake us.” –Melanie McNally, PsyD, LCPC



Ryan M. Niemiec Psy.D. reminds everyone that “Any relaxation strategy involves use of your self-regulation strength. This strength involves taking control of your breathing and creating a greater feeling of calmness in your body’s physiology.” Yes, it is the responsibility of a mother to give her 101% best in taking care of the whole family, but she also must take good care of herself because even though everybody loves her so dearly, chances are no one will. Always remember -“Happy mom, happy fam!”

Dealing With Financial Stress




Money does matter in this world. We need to work hard and revolve our thoughts and actions around it every day. We need money to survive, and sadly sometimes, it can be the cause of all our problems. It causes stress which affects our overall health in a significant way. It is one of the primary ingredients in developing severe medical health issues such as cancer, heart diseases, and mental health issues.


What Is Financial Stress?

Financial stress is a situation where your daily life consists mainly of thinking of how and where to get money to make ends meet. This situation can affect most of us because not all of us have the financial freedom that’s why we all have to put all our effort and time into making money.




What Are The Signs That You Are Financially Stressed?


  • Brad Klontz, PsyD once said, “As long as we feel like we’re doing average and have basic needs met, such as food and shelter, there is no correlation between money and happiness.” But that is not true when you have a long-overdue credit card balance. There’s a feeling that you are a prisoner whenever you look at that blue card of yours, and the letters from the bank are already piling up on your living room table. You’re thinking if you’re going to pay it all, how are you going to eat?


  • Your bills are always overdue. The payment for the house is two months delayed and sometimes, you feel uncomfortable going home especially when the landlord lives right next to you. You’re hoping they’d understand, but it’s where they get their needs too.


  • You owe your closest friends. Of course, your friends will understand your situation, but your debts have been longstanding and you still can’t give them anything. They wouldn’t force you to pay up because they know you can’t, and somehow, this affects your self-esteem. You want to make it up to your friends, but you just can’t yet.


  • You stay awake at night thinking about how to make money. Even though you’re supposed to rest, you lie awake thinking where to get the money for your son’s school projects or your brother’s hospital bills. You’re always hoping that tomorrow will be brighter, and somehow, there’ll be a miracle to save you.


  • You spend some time dreaming you were rich. You always daydream of living in your dream house, and it makes you feel bad that you’re not. You feel like it’s never going to happen, and you just lift yourself up from the sadness and frustration.


  • You do things you wouldn’t usually do just to get money. You’re thinking of getting a second job or anything that will earn you You’re thinking of selling this and that or have probably already had. Eric Dammann, PhD once said, “We all have money issues and quirks of one kind or another. If we don’t know what those quirks are, they will emerge in a time of real stress or panic.”


  • You can’t buy the stuff you want. You always wanted to buy clothes or a new pair of shoes for yourself, but you keep wearing the same old pair that you have because you can’t afford to buy a new one. It affects your self-esteem and self-worth because all the fancy looking ladies on TV and magazines make you feel like trash.


  • You struggle to buy the stuff you need. It’s once in a blue moon that you can afford to buy a decent meal, and you often overlook your health. You don’t get the proper nutrients because instant or processed foods are the only ones you can afford.


  • You look exhausted. Stress will catch up with It will show in your aura. No matter how well you groom yourself, you will always have that tired look. You would look pale and blank, and your skin would look dry.


  • Your friends would say you lost weight. Whenever they see you, they would tell you how horrible you look. It’s because you don’t have time to take care of yourself anymore. You feel the need to, but you often skip it because you think it’s a waste of time to spend it on prepping up.


What Are The Medical Health Conditions Caused By Financial Stress? 

  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Depression And Anxiety
  • Diabetes
  • Eating Disorders
  • Gastrointestinal Problems
  • Heart Disease/Attack
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Obesity
  • Psoriasis
  • Substance Abuse
  • Weight Gain/Loss
  • Rapid Aging
  • Early Death




What Are The Ways To Deal With Financial Stress?

  • Pay one debt at a time.
  • Avoid spending on unnecessary things until you have paid all your debts.
  • Don’t borrow money just to pay a debt.
  • Drink chamomile tea to help you sleep better at night.
  • Exercise or walk your way to the office.
  • Instead of buying processed food, buy fruits from the stand on your way home.
  • Don’t use your credit card for unnecessary spending.
  • Avoid buying the stuff you don’t need.
  • When going to the grocery, always make a list of the things you need and stick to it.
  • Avoid the compulsive spending whenever you get your salary thinking it is okay to spend money because you worked hard for it.


It is a struggle to deal with the financial crisis. However, Elizabeth Scott, MS, a wellness coach said, “Learning to cope with financial stress and effectively manage your financial situation can help you feel more in control of your life, reduce your stress, and build a more secure future.” It makes us prisoner of something that we think is easy for everybody else, but we all somehow have experienced hardships. It’s a matter of the right attitude and mindset in dealing with the negativity caused by our financial problems. We must bear in mind that at the end of the day, the most important thing is that we are alive and healthy, and we always have an opportunity to do better.

What Stress Can Do To You



Perhaps you already know that stress is the number one contributor to mental health problems. It does not only make things complicated for the physical attributes but it also significantly impacts both emotional and mental wellness. Stress supports overthinking and agitation. It also limits a person’s capability to act, think, and respond to situations typically. But on the specific effects, here are the things that stress can do to you.

It Can Make You Look Unattractive – Stress can make you look unattractive. That is due to its influence on a weak immune system. Since it supports the inability to think clearly, you become prone to sleepless nights. Stress impacts the brain by making you think about things that are unnecessary and unworthy. With that, your body reacts to the adverse effect and makes it unable to regenerate when needed. That is the reason why some stressed people often look old and unhealthy.

It Can Slow Your Productivity – Stress impacts your ability to concentrate. When you feel anxious about things, you begin to lose control of yourself. With that, the inability to cope up with your daily task becomes a problem. Stress becomes in control, and it slows you down. In some unfortunate cases, it makes you unable to continue doing things, even the ones you love to do. It hinders you in developing your skills and talents as well.


It Can Make You Feel Tired All DayStress can make you feel weak even though you are not entirely doing anything. It creates a feeling where the only thing you can think about is exhaustion. You become too focused on a lot of things in your head that makes you lose interest in trying to do things one at a time. You become unreasonably tired of nothing in particular. You don’t feel like getting up in bed. And you want to isolate yourself. With that “Self-care is what we do for ourselves in order to better manage our stress and maintain a sense of balance. It is an on-going process and something we should be implementing daily rather than waiting for stress to completely overwhelm or overtake us.” Melanie McNally, PsyD, LCPC expresses.

It Can Impact Your Decision-Making Ability – Your decision-making ability is essential in your life. It is where your daily duties and responsibilities rely upon. When stress gets a hold of it, it becomes a dead-end for you. The unfortunate moment will disable you to create decisions that will matter in every aspect of your life. You will experience problems in decision-making for your job, relationship, and even personal development. As explained by Jennifer Bradley, Psy.D., HSPP, Clinical Psychologist, “When we are imbalanced, we develop various types of difficulties, including psychological and/or physical symptoms, and we begin to use ineffective or damaging coping mechanisms.”


It Can Cause Anxiety And Depression – Stress, when chronic, leads to mental illness such as general anxiety and major depression. There is no vagueness that stress is the triggering factor that makes people lose their mental health. Its symptoms do not only focus on mood regulations but also indicates a negative cognitive function as well. With that, learning becomes difficult, and gaining emotional stability becomes way too challenging. Stress creates an overwhelming feeling. Marla W. Deibler, PsyD emphasizes that the “Overwhelm might manifest as an intense emotion, such as anxiety, anger or irritability; maladaptive thought process, such as worry, doubt or helplessness; and behavior, such as crying, lashing out or experiencing a panic attack.”

There are other damaging things that stress can do to you. So before it controls your life, you have to do something about it. Consider working on some helpful tips that can manage your stress. Focus on getting better by allowing positive energy to come in. If things become complicated, seek out for a piece of professional advice.