8 Stages: The Stress Of Being A Scorned Woman


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Women can be pretty scary when scorned; they almost have similar actions when they became stressed and angry. Here are eight signs you or your family will notice when they are outraged:

The Icy Silence

“A limit is an invisible line that exists between emotional, physical, and psychological well being and becoming anxious, irritable and stressed,” says Gretchen Flores, MA LPC LCPC. You will probably see that after a heated argument, outburst or accusation between the two of you, she will remain silent. No, she is not being matured and will not take this as an adult. She is merely building up a way to let out her fight mode.

The Hidden Ammo

Women never forget when you forgot to give her something on a special occasion. Similarly, women never forget when you gave others a gift or something on their special day.

Excessive Swearing

Women may be looking innocent, or have a ladylike attitude, but when they got angry. You will be surprised that they even know almost all the curses you may think of.

The Cold Harsh Truth

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Most women have a sharp tongue. When triggered they are going to tell you what she thinks about you, your family, your friends or even appearance. She will be able to say every gruesome detail loud and clear. As Dr. Karen Ruskin, Psy.D. explains, “the women’s remarks may be an expression of how much they care about their husbands, as well as their frustration if he is uncooperative.”

Questions/No Answers

Women will inevitably repeat the same questions again and again when she’s scornful. There is a tendency that she is watching you closely if you answers will vary on the issue.

In other instances, she uses the word “excuse me” when she is furious. It may also mean that she wants you to repeat what you just have said so she can turn it back to you.

Dragging Up The Past

Jor-El Caraballo, LMHC once said, “Relationships in and of themselves do not create mental illness.” However, he adds, “When we suffer in our relationships, it can be difficult to move forward from past hurt and trauma.”As said before, women never forget. Women will never forget even the most straightforward argument you had for a few years back. And it will eventually resurface if you argue again.

Storming Out Dramatically

After the cursing, shouting, and arguing with you, she may feel worn out and eventually leave to think and prepare for the next phase of reprimanding you. She may suddenly tell you to go, or she will leave while slamming everything on her way, or slamming the door behind.

Turning Her Friends Against You

After your fight, you must assume that you have more enemies now. She will surely tell her girlfriends about your argument and will eventually ask for your explanation too. So, this only means one thing. Never try to argue with a woman since she will always win.

You’re A Woman Scorned. Now What To Do About It

Heated arguments cannot be avoided. It will increase your stress levels or may result in actions you will regret after you have calmed down. To prevent this, try to do these actions first before you try to get even to the person you are having arguments with:

Don’t Retaliate

Retaliation is not a solution to problems. If you see yourself planning for revenge, this only means that you already lost and it will eventually leave you with emotional pain. Calm down and find an outlet where you can freely express your emotions, without hurting anyone.

Express Yourself

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You can express your thoughts and ideas after you have calmed down from your anger. You can freely ask, and tell your feelings. You can have a peaceful conversation and know that peacefully expressing your thoughts is a good sign.

Take Responsibility

Be responsible for your own actions. It is not claiming the blame nor blaming someone. You must know your role in the circumstances. You may be right, but if you put a wrong act, you have to accept the consequences. Being responsible for your own actions display a great level of maturity, these shows that even in extreme situations, you know how to manage your actions well. In the end, if you did not consider this, you will only look like a childish and immature person.

Get Support

You can always find support from your loved ones, family or friends. There are also professionals that can help you manage your extreme emotions through counseling or therapy. Never think that you are alone and you can always confide to other people.


It is not easy to forgive. You will need time before you forgive someone. Be patient. It is not something you should not rush, but it is something you should do. Forgiveness comes with acceptance, and being able to forgive makes you a mature person. In time, if you learn how to forgive, you will not feel any burden of negative feelings in your chest. It will eventually make you feel peaceful, and you will genuinely value happiness.

In general, there are positive actions a mature woman can do. It is not merely for one situation only, but mastering these five things can be beneficial to her in all cases. This is something you cannot learn overnight; it is something that should be integrated into your life. If you know someone who is easily scorned, try giving this advice. It will benefit her, and it will eventually help her to become a better person.