2014 Atlanta Stress Management Summit: Why You Shouldn’t Stress Yourself Too Much

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Whether we like it or not, stress is a part of life. It could cause us good, but most of the time, it causes harm. We already know that it causes health problems, both physical and psychological. It could cause anxiety and depression which are prevalent all across America. The 2014 Atlanta Stress Management Summit encourages people to manage stress healthily to prevent it from taking over our lives.


Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stress Yourself Too Much:


  1. No matter how much you stress yourself over things, they will be what they are, and until you accept that they are situations which give you a choice to face bravely or let go, there is no use in worrying. Acting out, getting angry, or losing your mind doesn’t help in the process of dealing with stressors. It will only aggravate the situation when you don’t have a clear head.


  1. Too much stress weakens the immune system, and this may affect the mood and behavior of a person when it comes to managing issues. It could cause a person to be irritable and pessimist. Too much stress changes the perspective of people, causing them to think negatively of situations that they may turn to unhealthy ways to avoid stress such as drinking, gambling, or drug addiction.


  1. Stress is everywhere. Although traveling can help in managing stress, the issues that cause you to stress will still be present when you get back. Tips and guides are helpful in stress management, but it must all begin within you. You must set yourself to be graceful when dealing with it, and it is achieved through a proper


Source: pixabay.com


Stress will always be present regardless of where or when. It would be best if you embrace the idea that you will be dealing with it, especially when you are an adult.  The 2014 Atlanta Stress Management Summit aims to emphasize the need for people to be aware that the best way to manage stress is to develop the right mindset which basically involves positivity.